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Cannabinoid Creations produces delicious CBD-enriched sparkling hemp beverages, chocolates, tinctures, hard candy, vape pens & flavored CBD-prefills. We prove that Cannabidiol edibles can be equal parts fun, delicious, and highly effective!

Eat & drink what you enjoy while reaping the ‘chill effects’ of our CBD snacks and drinks as a mixer, an ingredient or sip/nibble the products straight-up. The CBD in all our products has been analyzed and classified as pharma-grade for purity, so sample one of our exotic CBD Hemp Soda flavors or bite into our rich CBD Chocolates (High Times Cannabis Cup, award-winning…). Maybe try a piece of CBD Hard Candy to enhance your snacking or puff on a CBD vape pen, our products are designed to relax you while sparking great memories with flavor sensations for a truly unsurpassed experience.

Our distinctive CBD drinks & snacks are produced from the highest quality industrial hemp, sustainably grown and harvested to yield potent, natural CBD oils for all our treats. Everything Cannabinoid Creations produces is safe, always consistent, and they do not require a prescription. They are legal in all 50 US states. That’s why We’re CBDifferent.

**Our CBD products are produced from the highest quality hemp, sustainably grown in Europe.

**Our products are all natural, and GMO free.

**Every Cannabinoid Creations product is precisely crafted to bring you consistent, quality supplementation.

**Our CBD products don’t require a prescription, are safe and effective.

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