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Los Angeles, California,

Ultra BioAvailable Terpene Enhanced CBD Water
Enhance & Amplify the effects and therapeutic index of cannabinoids with +Vibe CBD + Terpenes
Contains 20mg CBD per bottle.
Tranquility / Levitate (Indica / Sativa Terpenes)
Lab tested with batch code
Pressed Lemon Flavor

+Vibe has maximized the bioavailability and effectiveness of CBD in our beverages by process of nanoencapsulation. Our CBD water is infused with selectively bred strain terpenes to provide a completely unique experience. The naturally occurring terpene profiles serve to enhance and expand upon CBD’s therapeutic benefits and effectiveness.+Vibe CBD water contains 0 calories, is naturally flavored, naturally sweetened, and enhanced with essential vitamin complex and antioxidants + CoQ10 culminating in the most advanced CBD beverage available.


Listed Sinced: October, 2016

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