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Inyanga Farms

Inyanga Farms

Edibles, Cultivators, CBD / Hemp, Topicals / Tinctures / Oregon,
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In-yãn-ga from the zulu word “nyanga” is a shaman or witchdoctor that heals with plants and animals.

Our Inyanga Farms project started out as a hobby. I loved to grow things and make herbal tinctures and extracts so we grew a few plants and I added the cannabis to my herbs, experimenting here and there with various blends and strains.

Not being much of a cannabis connoisseur myself I happily gave my products to friends to try. The feedback was astounding.

"Your salve cured my psoriasis", "the tincture has helped with anxiety", "I use the CBD tincture to reduce my blood sugar with amazing results", "Your THC tincture has helped with chronic pain", "I give your RSO to my husband for alzheimers". I was in awe!

Could this plant possibly be helping all these people, and with so many different ailments?

Well that began our mission, and that is to spread the word about cannabis.

This is a remarkable plant with miraculous healing qualities and it can no longer be suppressed, it wants to be heard!



July, 2016