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Swerve - Confections and Melts

Swerve - Confections and Melts

Edibles, Extractors


We created Swerve from a desire to bring functional, nourishing, and strong Edibles and Full Melt Hash to patients who care as much about what they put into their bodies as they do about how they feel.

Swerve is aimed at adults who want to live fully and who think before they buy; think before they eat; think before they smoke.

Swerve is for medicators who are concerned about the source of their medicine and how it is made.

Swerve is for when you want to feel good tomorrow-- not just today.

Swerve is for when you want an experience that leaves you feeling enriched, nourished, and elevated.

We believe it is time for something new.

We believe in the potential of Cannabis to heal the physical, psychological, and social troubles of our times.

Join us in bringing joy and healing together!


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