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Cannabis Drink - The perfectly blended premium-quality single-serve Cannabis Cocktails.

Modern Martini Rx - cannabis drink is the first to introduce this innovative cocktail in the Cannabis market. MMRX is revolutionizing today's martini cocktail, California Cannabis Club Inc. has brought to you a one of a kind infused cannabis martini.

MMRX cannabis drink does not contain alcohol, however, it does contain 50-150mg of the finest Sativa Cannabis.

Benefits of MMRX Cannabis Cocktails:

Stimulates and energizes
Increases focus and creativity
Uplifting thoughts
Relieves headaches and migraines
Relaxes muscles
Soothes Pain

*All products are LAB Tested for quality control.
*All Products are available in Opaque Packaging upon Request.
*Childproof/Child Resistant Caps available soon.

These martinis are delicious yet potent. These high quality, convenient and environmentally friendly MMRX Martini products comes in a sleek and sexy patent design package. Each bottle is inspected for quality and security for maximum protection of all of our patients.

The California Cannabis Club, Inc. presents the Modern Martini Rx Cannabis infused Martini for its patients. We take the finest premium Raw Cannabis and mixes it into today’s most popular martini varieties, and bottles it in single-serve designer container.

These fun (but potent) RTDs will revolutionize the booming Cannabis market, not only because they are convenient, of the highest quality, and environmentally friendly . . . but because they are just yummier than anything else out there. We tested hundreds of recipes to create these select Cannabis drinks with the greatest appeal to martini drinkers everywhere: They are sure to help you with your medical needs and they taste great!

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