What you put in your body matters! This is the core principle that drives the products we create.

What do you think would happen when you combined the efforts of best (cannabis-loving) friends, one of which is a professional chef, nutritionist & food scientist; the other, a business professional focused on the intersection of tech - startups and finance?

That's right, we call ourselves Sababa Snacks.

Sababa Snacks is on a mission to bring you the absolute best tasting and nutritious edibles, with a consistently potent and pleasant dosage of THC.

Sourcing the finest quality ingredients, we have hand-crafted and designed the next generation of edibles.

We’ve selected an array of the finest ingredients such as toasted hazelnuts, crispy pecans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, dried apricots, dried wild currants, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut cream, thick-cut Gluten Free rolled oats, and plenty of 61% fair trade dark chocolate.

We use all organic ingredients whenever possible. All of our ingredients are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and with the exception of Honey, all other ingredients are vegan. Above all we believe in sourcing ethically grown ingredients.

We hope you taste and feel the love and dedication we have baked into each of our hand-made snacks.

We look forward to continuing to develop our commitment to creating the finest quality medicinal edible, and hope you enjoy this ride as much as we do.

Much love,

The Sababa Snacks Crew

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