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Sweet CO2 Oil

Sweet CO2 Oil

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Durango, Colorado,

The Sweet CO2 process is one of the purest ways to separate the active ingredient in marijuana. Recirculating liquid CO2 over the marijuana plant matter for 8+ hours results in a quality product that is made without any harsh chemicals. From that point, the extracted oils and concentrates are packaged in child-resistant containers and eco-friendly cartons.

The folks behind Sweet CO2 Oil have lived in Durango most of their lives, are Fort Lewis Alumni from the early 90’s and been involved in the industry for many years in Durango.

They are well known for their humor and experience in numerous outdoor activities, and business ventures.

When they saw the CO2 process they knew it was the way of the future for Marijuana extractions; and set to work.


Listed Sinced: May, 2016

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