Van der Pop designs and sources the best accessories to store, smoke and share cannabis. We want to share every product we love with you the right way. So we created an experience to reflect modern cannabis culture. An experience that offers discretion, education and style. Together, these goods and good times offer our guests the perfect SESSION. What is SESSION? Think Tupperware meets 420. Why is Van der Pop offering SESSION? Women want to discreetly enjoy cannabis. They also want to make informed decisions after consulting their most trusted source: girlfriends! Without a favorite shop or shopkeeper, women with high interest in, well, getting high in style are at the whims of the local budtender. Who hosts SESSION? Cannabis-friendly women and 10-20 of her like-minded friends with curiosity for days. Who leads SESSION? Vandy is the name we've lovingly given the women who lead SESSION. A true cannabis connoisseur, Vandy is your trusted source for all things cannabis. Is there cannabis at SESSION? If held in a REC legal state, the answer is yes! Each SESSION is sponsored by cannabis brands featuring products such as dry flower, edibles and topicals. How am I compensated? As a SESSION hostess, you receive complimentary cannabis products as well as free and discounted product from Van der Pop! BOOK YOUR SESSION Vandy can be found in Seattle, Portland (OR), Los Angeles and San Francisco. Want to attend SESSION, but don't know a hostess? You can reserve a spot at a SESSION already on the books. -Seattle, December 4, 12pm (High Noon) If you'd like to host a private SESSION for you and your friends, please book on our RSVP form or email [email protected] Reserve your date and time for this holiday season! Want to host SESSION in a city not listed? Think you (or someone you know) is the perfect Vandy? Let us know where we're missed and who is missing. Click the link in the upper-righthand corner to find more info on SESSIONs.

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