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Founded in 2014 prior to the legalization of marijuana in Oregon, BridgeTown Weed Tour is a community partnership based on connecting individuals nationwide to Portland’s refined cannabis culture. We have adopted an approach that offers our friends a service unique to Portland. Whether it is cooking with cannabis, interests in the horticultural aspects of the plant, or a night out on the town; we have you covered. Each experience also includes several stops at our handpicked cannabis boutiques and will end at a smoking lounge. Come see what everyone is talking about and explore the cannabis culture of Portland, Oregon. Since our inception, we have been directly involved in every aspect of the cannabis industry and pride ourselves on face-to-face connections. When you are working with Bridgetown Weed Tour, you are not only getting a fantastic brand and product; you are also getting us. This philosophy has been instrumental in every meeting we’ve had, every owner we’ve met, every partner we’ve made, and all of the friends we have served. As individuals and as a business, we are here to connect communities to all of the beneficial aspects of cannabis. BridgeTown Weed Tour offers a variety of tour options that have been tailored to meet all of your needs. Our partnering businesses have been handpicked for their extraordinary level of professionalism, product quality, and exceptional service. Each offering a unique product at a reasonable price and an urbane approach to cultivation and use. We have forged wonderful connections with local owners and are prepared to give our friends the finest that Portland has to offer.

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