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2261 Market Street Ste 196, San Francisco, California, 94114

Welcome to Potbox, a premium cannabis subscription club.

We curate the highest quality, most ethically-grown medical cannabis available and deliver it fresh from the farm directly to your door each month.

Start building your Potbox today!

Potbox takes all of the confusion, frustration and anxiety out of buying medicinal cannabis online.

With Potbox, you can avoid the long dispensary lines, the endless choices, the questions about quality or freshness, and not knowing who is knocking at your front door.

Potbox delivers a much-needed premium product and a much better cannabis buying experience.

Relax and enjoy!


Each Potbox contains a quarter-ounce of two different strains of all-natural cannabis, expertly selected and customized to your preferences. Love Indicas, Sativas or Hybrids? Choose your favorite and leave the rest to our farmers.


Your Potbox will include two wax-sealed, pre-rolled joints. These blends are ground, filled, and sealed at the farm shortly before we deliver your order to achieve maximum freshness.


We provide official lab results outlining THC, CBD, and other chemical levels, as well as information about where your cannabis was grown, its species, and genetics, so that you know exactly what’s going into your body.


Listed Sinced: June, 2016

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