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Van der Pop

Van der Pop

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Years of being with the right people while doing the (supposed) wrong things are the origins of Van der Pop. What seemed like play has become work. And that is working out for how we prefer to play.

We all remember a time when the clever efficiencies of paper clips, apples, gum wrappers and Starbursts created a night to remember. And then. Charred apples and cartoon pipes ceased being prized trophies.

These small wins born from desperation fostered my commitment to being cleverly efficient - as a designer, a mom and a seeker of fun. The ultimate efficiency being a life that lets me embrace all three, which can be tricky. But mostly it makes for great stories and a knack for problem solving.

Balancing work, kids and play brings with it predictably *special* moments which is what put my clever ways to the test. Please assure me that I’m not alone in having laughed and lived through the following:

#1 : A stash missing since last stashed. Definitely at Goodwill.

#2 : A smell that can’t be blamed on the dog. Or the baby.

#3 : A shoebox that once contained Louboutins, now houses your weed, etc.

We’ve all been there.

And we all obsess. Best laid plans during the wee hours, on a blanket in the park or along some stretch of highway while road tripping. Determined to better the accessories that we rely on to invoke fits of laughter with our friends, play on the floor with our kids and turn the bedroom into a carousel, as the song goes.

We’ve. All. Been. There.

Enter Van der Pop, a collection of accessories created to make sure our mellow isn’t harshed. Not by telltale smells. Not by a gummy bear scare. And not by flashbacks thanks to head shop chic. Accessories that function as beautifully as they look and discreetly hide in plain sight. Just in case the party doesn’t get swiftly stashed.

The style and safety of our products are intended to better the lives of the women who use them. It is this same purpose that drives everything we create. As if it is Post-Prohibition and we’ve been offered a martini. A simple drink with sophisticated, critical nuances: Gin or Vodka? Olives or Onions? Shaken or Stirred? Up or Rocks? There is a similar learning curve with cannabis, which is frustrating if you pride yourself on knowing WTF is up.

Again. Enter Van der Pop’s Dear Vandy and Flower Powers, cannabis curiosities explored and cannabis strains explained. So you don’t get shaken or stirred.

xXx April Pride / Founder


Listed Sinced: September, 2016

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