Revolutionizing the Cannabis Field—One Flower at a Time

GemmaCert, an Israeli biotech company, has developed an industry-changing solution to cannabis potency testing, transforming the way analyses is performed and establishing an accessible, in-house system of bringing reliable potency testing to all.  Our mission is to ensure quality control and promote transparency to ensure value for those along the cannabis supply and consumer chain.

A crucial business intelligence tool, the GemmaCert helps manage financial aspects of the cannabis operation capping loss and allowing control over accurate purchasing and pricing. For medicinal users, GemmaCert is making blind consumption a thing of the past ushering in an era of user-driven control and tailored therapeutic dosing. 

Our innovative solution enables cultivators, producers, retailers, and medicinal users to test their cannabis without having to depend on expensive and time-consuming laboratories. The portable, in-house solution seamlessly integrates into any supply chain operation, providing real-time Total CBD & Total THC results directly to your smartphone. GemmaCert allows for an unlimited amount of sample testing, ensures value, and does not destroy, harm, or alter the flower in any way.  

GemmaCert’s breakthrough technology combines spectrometry, image analysis, and data analytics to bring you the most cutting-edge advancements in the potency landscape. No two flowers are created equal; let GemmaCert guide you to the best.

The GemmaCert Advantage:
·         Zero samples destruction; no grinding or alteration to flower!
·         Unlimited amount of samples analyses
·         Simple to use and operate
·         Quick results for real-time screening
·         Total control and operating via smartphone
·         Eco-friendly and no use of chemicals
·         Cost-effective and efficient
·         No results interpretation needed
·         Automatic calibration

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