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6614 Lange Circle, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80918

The unique design of the Eyce 2.0 delivers an unparalleled smoking experience.

Broken glass and cleaning resin are a thing of the past.

Cold smoke, is smooth smoke.

Our silicone mold creates an all ice chamber that cools smoke to an astonishing -3 degrees Celsius.

Designed by computer hardware engineers, Eyce 2.0 is much more than a novelty, it is a functional revolution.

Eyce combines the benefits of glass, silicone, and plastic, to invent an original way to toke.

Our Patent Pending technology has been available to consumers for over 2 years.

At Eyce, we stand behind our products.

Eyce 2.0 carries a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects on all silicone and plastic parts.

We also offer a 15 day No Hassle 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy on all products.

We have worked hard designing our products, and we appreciate our customers; our warranty program is how we protect them both.


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