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Dabsolute Concentrate Pen

Dabsolute Concentrate Pen

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Denver, Colorado,

We believe The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen is the highest quality concentrate pen on the market. The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen is 100% Made in America by trained American machinists. We take pride in manufacturing products that wont break the first time you use it, or ever if used properly. The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen’s unique patent pending design was created to eliminate clogs and breakage due to faulty designs and low end manufacturing processes usually found in foreign products. Our skillet coil assembly has the most surface area of ANY concentrate pen on the market and our air holes are ABOVE the concentrate, for clog free usage. The Dabsolute Pen’s superior design, combined with it’s sleek design and adaptability to MOD batteries make The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen the ONLY choice for serious vapers.

The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen is virtually unbreakable, easily maintained, and works every time! Because of this, we are the offering the industries ONLY 100% Lifetime Warranty on workmanship and material defects. If your Dabsolute Concentrate Pen breaks or does not work straight out of the box, we will replace it. Simply fill out the warranty information on after purchasing your Dabsolute Pen and you are covered!

Once Again, thank you for considering The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen and we look forward to seeing you at an event in the future.

And remember, when you can, BUY AMERICAN!


Listed Sinced: June, 2016

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