Eureka vapor™ is your next generation of hand-held temperature controlled portable vaporizers heating system that operates by heating the herbal oil to release a vapor into the patient smoothly.

Eureka vaporizers are easy, sleek and preferred among a variety of patients.

CO2 extraction is known for being the most effective way to extract beneficial essences from plant matter.

This method is not only used for cannabis concentrates, but is also used to create pure essential oils and to strip out or separate different elements of botanicals.

Popular products manufactured using this method are: herbal essential oils, hops for beer, high value pharmaceutical precursors and decaffeinated coffee.

Why CO2?

Supercritical CO2’s high diffusion rates allow it to penetrate solids faster than a liquid solvent.

The benefit of using Carbon Dioxide as an extraction solvent is its place in nature.

Carbon Dioxide is a natural product which leaves behind no residues. CO2’s purity is its biggest advantage over all other solvents used for plant extraction.

Currently, a popular extraction solvent is butane which can potentially leave heavy metals behind in your finished product.

How It Works:

Supercritical fluid extraction is a method of using high pressure to force a solvent through plant matter.

In our case, the solvent we use is carbon dioxide.

When the solvent is pushed through the plant matter at such a high pressure, it can separate the matter precisely which allows us to isolate only the purest essence of our botanicals- in this case, cannabis.

The result is pure, transparent, amber oil.

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