ipuff Limited is a Denver based handheld vaporizer company focused on providing a healthy, smoke-free alternative to tobacco and carcinogen rich products. We are committed to helping the world one puff at a time… As part of our commitment, a great deal of time and resources are dedicated to research and development in order to provide our customers with the #1 solution for handheld vaporization. We want to ensure that we not only provide our users with the best functionality, but also superior quality and proven reliability. And best of all, this ideal solution comes packaged in a small, sleek design that allows for discreet use anywhere you choose to take it. The team here at ipuff Limited has many years of experience in the industry and has utilized this expertise and insight to design the ideal solution for our customers. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and will ensure our customers always come first. Come join the iPuff Vape™ team and let us take care of all your vaping needs.

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