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Truly Pure Vape

Truly Pure Vape

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There is a specific reason we chose the name truly pure. It is what we believe in, and what we stand by whole heartedly.

Our highest priority is to offer patients the cleanest and purest co2 concentrate products available, while maintaining a sustainable economical position for community growth.

Oregon is our home; and Oregon is what we invest in. We are bringing a unique flavor to co2 concentrates.

While we always offer a varity of unflavored co2 oils for patients, research into the medical advantages of adding natural citrus terpenes has given us the ability to create a safer and unique way of consuming your medicine by adding very small amounts of natural citrus terpenes.

Studies continue to show the positive effects of consuming isolated terpene levels along with cannabis oils.

Enjoy the medicinal benefits you need with the flavor you desire.

Try truly pure products today.


Listed Sinced: May, 2016

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