Experienced Company Offers High-Quality, Safe Cannabis Products In An Uncertain Market

One of the most important things that cannabis consumers can do is to ensure that the products they buy come from experienced, regulated companies that comply with all safety and legal regulations. That prevents them from experiencing any problems associated with black market marijuana products.

This extends to picking out vape cartridges and all the related material, such as batteries and other hardware. In this area, not only do you want safe products, but you want products that leverage state of the art technology to deliver a smooth, reliable experience.

Many cannabis companies compete in this area, but only a few have distinguished themselves from the competition. One of those is BOLD, a company that specializes in making high-quality vape products that emphasize both safety and experience.

Why Choose BOLD?

Both consumers and dispensaries have a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing companies that supply vaping products. BOLD sets itself apart with a commitment to producing high-quality products that are subject to relentless testing that both improves the product and ensures its safety.

The company lists many of the advantages of its products, which include:

  • Exceeding lead test requirements
  • Ceramics that are more porous, leading to a better draw and absorption
  • High-quality metals and ceramics
  • A large variety of mouthpiece options
  • BOLD is an American company that makes its products in its own factory
  • Providing clients with exceptional customer service
  • Exceptional pricing

The idea is to provide products that combine “quality, durability, and innovation in its vape hardware to support the plant-based oil extractor, processor and grower.”

BOLD Products

BOLD has an extensive lineup of products that you can look at in detail on their website. The primary product is the BOLD One Cartridge.

The BOLD One Cartridge creates evenly distributed heat and a large surface area. That leads to better flavor and the delivery of large amounts of vapor. The cartridge is available in three different apertures aimed at sophisticated consumers who want to create truly customized experiences. It’s available in glass, plastic press-on, and twist-on.

There are two tank sizes, 0.5 ML and 1.0 ML. The company also offers custom tank sizes and several different apertures. There is a wide variety of mouthpiece options, including choices in ceramic, silver, gold, and wood.

For retailers, BOLD also offers branding options such as printing corporate logos or colors on products to differentiate them from other brands. They can also imprint colors on tanks and laser engraved brand logos on metal tips. BOLD also offers batteries and disposables.

The company also focuses on offering great deals to retailers and customer service that goes far beyond the sale, offering support to retailers in areas such as how to best market their products.

In a marketplace flooded with questionable products, BOLD stands out as a professional, experienced company that brings a high level of talent and attention to detail in the creation of its products.

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