Training & Education

If you’re as excited as we are about the growth of the cannabis industry, you may be want to start a marijuana based business of your own. Maybe your company is already part of the excitement or you’re just looking for a job doing what you love. Whatever the case is, you need to learn about the industry. So how do you get a cannabis education? We all know you can’t attend budtending or cannabis agriculture classes at your local college. And trying to do the research on your own is a tricky venture. Each state has its own, often confusing regulations for sales, cultivation, study, and use of cannabis and related products. A lucky few may live nearby facilities offering certificate programs, lectures, and classes, but many are finding they can receive a quality cannabis education online. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of businesses offering marijuana education and training, and the list will only continue to grow as interest in owning legitimate cannabis businesses expands and the legal marijuana job market becomes more competitive, so check back often!

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