Last updated on - 03/27/2017

What is Dispensaries.com?

dispensaries.com is a digital portal for consumers seeking information related to the medical and recreational cannabis industry. We provide information on products, services and businesses across the industry as well as content related to the sector.

We offer a digital platform as a service (PAAS) to dispensaries, doctors, deliveries, and producers. Our platform offers different levels of managing your own profile, visibility, loyalty rewards, and performance based campaigns.

We are committed to providing a quality, one-stop solution to answer all cannabis related inquires (both business and consumer)- if you cannot find what you are looking for,Contact Us and we will get you that answer.

Why should I register?

dispensaries.com offers total control for setting the who, what, when, how and where of communications and preferences for everything cannabis related based in your state and local area.

For Consumers:

  • Find and follow your favorite dispensaries and brands
  • Receive loyalty reward points from your dispensary if they utilize our Loyalty program
  • Stay on top of local promotions, products, and brands via our notification messaging system
  • Grow your own Cannabis knowledge with our weekly industry related content
  • Let your voice be heard! We are all about experience, quality, and accuracy. Leave honest feedback with your reviews for any business on our platform

For Distributors:

  • Get found by simply maintaining a FREE profile on one of the most searched domains within the industry.
  • Display your brand by uploading photo & video content among all the other pertinent details
  • Ensure consumer engagement by securing your own prominent tile placement and inclusion in our mobile app with our Listing package.
  • Direct product linking (Listing package)- Once a consumer finds a product you carry through our Market Place, they may easily get routed to your profile page.

For Producers:

  • Showcase your product to the world by maintaining a FREE profile on one of the most searched domains within the industry
  • Inclusion in our email campaigns to get direct eyes on your product
  • Tailored added distribution campaigns, please contact our media team at [email protected]

Why is my business already listed here?

In many cases, we've already had requests for businesses just like yours in your area. Based on these search requests, we set up a simple listing for our guests and users to find you. If you would like to claim your FREE business listing to edit your details- Please see the below FAQ: "How do I claim or upgrade my business listing?"

How do I claim or upgrade my dispensary listing?

To claim your FREE dispensary listing – click here

If you are interested in greater exposure and would like to purchase a subscription- we recommend first claiming your listing through the above link and mentioning, you are ready to upgrade in the description section. Our Sales team will be in touch very quickly.

Are there different levels of service my business can subscribe to?

Yes, dispensaries.com offers three types of base subscriptions.

1) Free Listing- basic information and Logo
2) Listing – Desktop Map Icon, hyperlinks, review management, and direct message capability, Mobile App listing
3) Loyalty – Mobile App Icon, loyalty rewards access, publish promotions

For greater detail on these, please visit our platform pricing page or of course we would love to chat with you- contact us at [email protected].

I am not a dispensary. How do I advertise on dispensaries.com?

Interested in doing something great together? Please contact us here.

Can I order cannabis products from dispensaries.com?

No, we do not sell any cannabis product. We are here to connect you with the best the industry has to offer and conveniently locate products in your local market.

What is the dispensaries.com Market Place?

The Market Place is our home for the vast variety of products within the cannabis industry. We have built this to enable consumers to browse, review, and find specific canna-products. You may find everything from tinctures & concentrates to purses built to confine the stench.

What is the dispensaries.com mobile app?

The dispensaries.com app is designed to be the singular location for any cannabis-related inquiry. Our app is the place to search for not only nearby dispensaries, deliveries, and doctors, but also specific products, the locations that carry them, and relevant news.

For Consumers: Easy Search, Quality Finds- regardless of what cannabis inquiry you have. Our app acts as a product locator and cannabis culture hub for the entire United States.

For Businesses: Our app enables ease of sharing and promoting your profile to your own audience- which, in turn, automatically translates to higher engagement from our audience. Additionally, it is the best way to monitor your own placement as well as view what everyone else has been up to.

On the mobile app, what is “Promotion”?

This section of our app enables businesses to provide direct discounts to consumers in their respective areas.

For Consumers: This a list of special offers from nearby locations. If your “Promotion” tab is appearing blank, we unfortunately were not able to find any current offers in the area. Remind your favorite dispensary to update their promotions page so can get all the current deals!

For Distributors: This section is a dedicated “aggregated offers” listing for the consumer. Every offer posted by a dispensary in the users immediate geographic vicinity is listed here.

On the mobile app, what are Loyalty Rewards Points?

Our mobile app enables businesses to track and reward purchases. This is accomplished by the consumer uploading their receipt which is then matched and approved for points by the dispensary based on their unique rewards program.

For Consumers: Loyalty Reward Points are awarded to consumers based on the dispensary’s discretion. For example, a dispensary may reward 1 point for every $5 donated, resulting in a pure credit value or they may have specific items for purchase with points. Please allow 5 business days for the dispensary to approve your receipts for points.

For Distributors: Get additional data on your consumers & managing your unique loyalty program via our platform. Solidify and easily adjust your loyalty program offerings to maintain clientele.

On the mobile app, what is the purpose of the “My Receipts” section?

This section of the mobile app allows consumers to view all of their receipts that have been uploaded and considered for loyalty reward points. If you should have received points for a receipt but cannot locate it- first re-upload it to ensure the dispensary has seen it. If they still do not award you points after a few days, you will need to inquire with the dispensary directly as to why your receipt was not approved for points.

On the mobile app, what is the “My Check-in” section?

This section of the mobile app allows consumers to “check in” at local dispensaries, should that dispensary utilize our loyalty program. Checking in at a certain location will provide a user with reward points, which will translate into whatever reward that dispensary has dictated.

In order to check in, you will need to scan the QR code displayed within the specific dispensary. If you cannot locate their QR code, ask a dispensary representative if they have a dispensaries.com Check-In QR code to scan, if they do not, they unfortunately are not currently utilizing our rewards program.

On the mobile app, what is the “My Notifications” section?

For Consumers: This section of our mobile app allows dispensaries to inform users of events, new products, or any other news articles or announcements they have. “My Notifications” populate based on businesses that have been favorited by the individual consumer.

For Businesses: This section may be considered a direct-to-consumer press outlet, only enabled to Loyalty subscribers.

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