Cannabis Pre-Rolls Directory

Cannabis pre-rolls and raw cones have become one of the fastest growing areas of the cannabis market. It’s easy to see why. Pre-rolls are exactly what the name implies – they contain marijuana flower pre-rolled in paper, requiring that customers simply light up and enjoy. A raw cone is a pre-roll joint that comes in a cone shape. Having pre-rolls in stock is a must for dispensaries who want the most popular products available for their customers. Sales of pre-rolls have jumped by almost 50% in recent years. That’s due to the fact that it takes one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis and makes it easier for consumers, who don’t have to grind, roll and seal their flower in a rolling paper. A pre-roll comes straight out of the package, containing the flower of their choice, ready to use. Pre-rolls also make it much easier for people to experiment with different types of flower, finding what suits them best depending on the situation. They also can purchase pre-roll minis designed for use by one person and hemp pre-rolls with CBD. Browse our Cannabis Pre-Roll Directory to find brands that supply this popular product.

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