Multi-State Operators (MSOs)

Cannabis MSOs (multi-state operators) offer their products and services in more than one state, giving cannabis consumers the chance to purchase products they use at home when they visit other parts of the country. Cannabis MSOs face many challenges, as they must adhere to different regulations and laws in each state. Many create vertical operations in each state, including grow houses, processing centers and retail dispensaries. Many also create marketing plans for their products in each state that may differ widely depending on the customers they target. By working hard to create a consistent product in multiple locations, cannabis MSOs provide customers products and services they can rely on no matter where they are located. Some of the largest cannabis MSOs have established a national brand even though they must adhere to different rules in different states. The bottom line for customers is that they benefit by having a known brand that offers the products and services they love across the country. Our Cannabis Multi-State Operators Directory allows you to learn about the products and services offered by cannabis MSOs, as well as connect with them no matter where you are located.

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