Company Protects Marijuana Terpene & CBD Levels With Humidity Control

One of the interesting aspects of how the marijuana industry is growing has been the creation of new products that don’t directly involve growing and selling cannabis but offers ways to make cannabis better.

One example of that are products used for humidity control in places where moisture-sensitive marijuana is packed or shipped. Manufacturers, dispensaries and consumers are interested in this issue because moisture can lessen marijuana quality.

It’s an area where Minnesota-based Boveda has emerged. Although, it certainly didn’t start that way.

Two Decades of Experience

Boveda is not a new company that started because of the legal marijuana industry. It actually began because a guy wanted a better way to keep his cigars fresh. Boveda details the story on its website.

That unnamed cigar aficionado called Dr. Albert Saari, a retired General Mills chemist. Dr. Saari figured out that salts keep a fixed relative humidity, and salts supersaturated with pure water humidify the air. That was a breakthrough, but he still needed a pouch for the mixture.

He contacted a General Mills packaging specialist, Robert Esse, who created a package (which the company has since patented worldwide) which allows for moisture to pass in and out but stops the salt.

Saari and Esse then brought in two business and marketing guys, Sean Knutsen and Timothy Swail, and the company was born. Boveda now is a worldwide leader in humidity-control packaging.

But what does that have to do with marijuana?

Maintaining the Flavor

A study commissioned by Boveda helped the company figure out whether humidity control could really benefit marijuana. As it turns out, Excelsior Analytical Labs found it offers major benefits.

The study compared two fresh samples of cannabis placed in a 16-ounce Mason jar. Some jars contained a Boveda pouch. Others did not. The marijuana was left in the jars for six weeks, only gently shaken once each week to simulate what might happen in a processing facility or on a store shelf.

The levels of terpenes and CBD were then tested through the use of gas chromatography (for terpenes) and liquid chromatography (for CBD).

The results were that the levels of both terpenes and CBD in the cannabis buds were 15% higher with a Boveda pouch than they were without one.

Boveda’s purified water vapor helped to retain and optimize the flower’s original aroma, flavor, color, efficacy, potency, and weight. The study noted that the difference between terpenes and CBD levels would likely only increase if the test time ran longer than six weeks.

Why This Matters

Both terpene and CBD levels are of importance for cannabis manufacturers and consumers. Both want these levels as high as possible.

As marijuana flower dries, the terpenes and weight evaporate which puts the quality of the product at risk – as well as cheats you out of some previous grams.

Boveda helps cannabis flower reach its full potential. The company offers a range of products that come with various levels of humidity control. Use couldn’t be easier. You simply place a Boveda pouch into your marijuana container. It doesn’t need replacing until the package loses softness.

That’s it. Few products offer such an impact for so little effort.

Boveda is another example of how the marijuana industry is attracting innovative entrepreneurs. In this case, an already successful company is now offering its proven services to the cannabis industry. It’s certainly worth considering for those who must store marijuana for extended periods of time.

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