Where Can I Buy Cannabis Infused Products and What Are My Options?

As the use of legal marijuana has increased across the country, so have the ways to enjoy cannabis without having to smoke it. Cannabis infused products have become increasingly popular in areas where recreational and medical marijuana is legal. They allow the cannabis curious who want to avoid the smoke from burning marijuana to still enjoy the benefits.

Where can you get cannabis infused products? Many dispensaries carry these items. There also are online marketplaces. For example, dispensaries.com offers a host of cannabis infused products, from edibles and lotions to tinctures and extracts.

Those who wish to try cannabis now have more choices than ever.

Types of Cannabis Infused Products

The variety of cannabis infused products allows consumers a host of ways to use marijuana. They can pick from products that deliver the “high” feeling associated with smoking marijuana, or CBD products that many find deliver health benefits without THC, the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis.

They include the following products.


Cannabis infused marijuana products are one of the fastest-growing areas in legal cannabis. They also have been named one of the top food trends of 2018. The number and variety of edibles grows with each passing month.

For example, you can buy gummies, chocolate and cookies, which is what many would expect. But cannabis infused edibles also have expanded into water, fruit and other products. The caution with edibles is that the effects, since they enter the bloodstream through the stomach, can take longer to feel and can also be more powerful and longer lasting. It’s important to start slow and experiment with the amounts that work best for you.

CBD Products

Typically, a cannabis infused CBD product does not have the psychoactive chemicals found in marijuana that cause the high feeling. These products are usually used for health benefits. Those can include healthier skin and effective treatment for nausea, muscle aches, chronic pain and even depression and anxiety.

Lotions, Balms and Oils

One of the most famous examples of a cannabis infused product – of the CBD variety – is Whoopi and Maya Medical Cannabis. The famed actress teamed with businesswoman Maya Elisabeth to form a company that offers bath soaks and a balm created specifically to provide women with menstrual relief.

There are a wide variety of cannabis infused lotions, balms and oils on the market, many of them directed at battling dry and aging skin, promoting relaxation or providing relief from aches, pains and inflammation.

Daily Products

Cannabis infused products have even expanded to include toothpaste and mouthwashes, designed to fight bacteria and strengthen teeth. There are also cannabis infused coffee pods and, as mentioned above, bottled water that has been infused with cannabis molecules designed to help consumers with a number of ailments.

There have never been more ways to enjoy cannabis, whether you are seeking the same effects as smoking marijuana or simply want the health benefits without the high. Legalized marijuana has led to a more sophisticated, varied marijuana marketplace for consumers to enjoy.

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