Cannabis Delivery Takes Off During Coronavirus Pandemic

Cannabis deliveries have soared during the coronavirus. Stuck at home because of the lockdown orders in most states and cities starting in March, many turned to shopping online for their products and having them brought to their doorstep.

It’s a trend many people expect to continue long after the COVID-19 threat has passed.

Part of it is the ease. People find the products they want through an online marketplace. Then, they use cannabis delivery to have their purchase brought to their door. Or, they may use curbside pickup. In either case, the process removes much of the one-on-one contact involved in shopping.

It’s also made cannabis consumers very happy. The Observer interviewed Jeremy Branthoover, a driver for Caliva dispensary in San Jose, California. Since the pandemic started, he’s made 20 deliveries a day around the Bay area.

He told the Observer, “I get to really make people’s day. Seeing the look on their face when I pull up and they’re like, ‘Oh my god, I love that you guys are still open. Thank you so much.’ I think that’s one of the best things I can be doing right now, to be honest.”

Popularity Grows As Pandemic Continues

In an interview with Forbes about trends, consultant Andrew DeAngelo said cannabis delivery is one of three methods that could slow spread of the virus. “Delivery, drive through, curbside pick-up transactions— governments ought to support and encourage this behavior,” DeAngelo said.

Many want local leaders to allow cannabis delivery in more places. Medical marijuana patients need this service more than others. Some lack a car or are not mobile. COVID-19 made that issue worse because people became less likely to use public transport such as a bus or train.

In Denver, the Marijuana Licensing Work Group has asked city officials to allow cannabis delivery. Groups member is Jaci Flug told Cannabis Wire she hopes Denver will consider the group’s request and that they can work “towards a regulatory system that includes social equity in the delivery area of the cannabis business.”

Local Leaders Have Concerns About Cannabis Delivery

Flug said some local leaders resist the movement to offer delivery. They have become more comfortable with giving a license to a dispensary. However, allowing a system where products leave the store to get taken to a home is a different issue. Flug said officials have become “concerned with record keeping, they’re concerned with safety, and they’re concerned with access by minors,” Flug said.

Some states took steps to address these issues. If you order products online, expect to have information ready when it arrives. In California, customers must verify who they are by having their driver’s license scanned, including running it through facial recognition software, according to the Observer.

Companies also must validate your age, address and whether you have ordered over your daily, weekly and monthly maximum allowable amount of marijuana.

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