New Cannabis Restaurant Set To Open In West Hollywood

California has long been a cultural trendsetter. Cannabis restaurants are no exception to the “trends travel from the west to the east” rule that has dominated the American cultural landscape for decades.

In West Hollywood, a cannabis restaurant is set to open in September that many are calling a first for America. Much like cannabis coffeehouses in Amsterdam or consumption lounges in Barcelona, the new Lowell Cafe will offer patrons a chance to consume marijuana on the premises.

“Prohibition is almost over,” the restaurant promises on its website. “For over a century we’ve been forced to hide cannabis consumption out of public view, but that time is now over.”

A Big Change For Cannabis

Since recreational marijuana first started becoming legal earlier this decade, one of the main issues is that people cannot use the marijuana they buy at a dispensary. They also can’t use it at restaurants, bars, hotels or any public space.

In short, a private dwelling was the only choice. But that will change with Lowell Cafe.

A coffee house that allows the use of cannabis has opened in Denver, but the scale of the Lowell Cafe sets it apart. The restaurant plans to offer coffee, juice, fresh farm food and cannabis. The last call for cannabis is 9:50 p.m., but people can consume until closing at 2 a.m.

The site proclaims that “there hasn’t been anything like this in existence for over 100 years, dating back to pre-prohibition era cannabis tea pads.” Lowell Cafe will offer customers cannabis flowers, vapes, pre-packaged edibles, concentrates, and extracts. A “flower host” will help people select the right product for the people at their table.

There will be no alcohol served. That’s prohibited by California law.

Food Complements Cannabis

The menu for the restaurant was designed by Andrea Drummer, who is canna_queen71 on Instagram. She has worked with cannabis and food since 2011. However, the dishes at Lowell’s will not feature cannabis.

In an interview with Eater, Drummer said the food is meant to complement cannabis, not include it. Drummer said she is “excited to be part of the movement towards the normalization of cannabis use. I’m humbled at the opportunity to make this service accessible on a broader scale and cook for those whose senses will be heightened from cannabis.”

The menu includes grilled peaches and burrata, fried chicken sandwich, crispy Brussels sprouts and white bean hummus with crudités, according to Eater.

Of course, there are sweets. Lots of sweets. They include candied bacon, caramel popcorn with Thai chili almonds, peanut butter cookies, sweet potato beignets, crème brûlée, homemade s’ mores, and an ice cream sandwich.

If Lowell’s Cafe is successful, expect laws in other areas of the country to permit what is happening in Los Angeles. Once again, Tinsel Town might be igniting a trend.

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