CBDistillery Focuses on Wellness Products, Including Those That Promote Better Sleep

As the CBD market expands, some companies have emerged as leaders in providing customers an array of options to improve health and wellness. One of those is CBDistillery, nationally recognized as a top provider of pure cannabidiol and CBD products.

When the U.S. Congress made hemp legal in the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, customers began to enjoy the benefits of CBD by simply buying it online or over the counter. CBDistillery has produced products that give customers the maximum benefit of CBD through research, providing different ways to use CBD and products that target specific needs.

The company also takes a sustainable, forward-thinking approach with commitments to natural farming practices and testing of products by third party labs, as well as using U.S.-grown hemp and non-GMO hemp oil. The company is also GMP certified for their good manufacturing processes and quality facility standards.

What CBDistillery Offers

CBDistillery focuses on hemp extracts used for body and mind wellness. CBD contains trace amounts of THC, the compound in cannabis and hemp plants that can potentially cause a high. Consumers use CBD products with a focus on health. CBDistillery takes the same approach.

The company culture includes a commitment to transparency, educating consumers and providing easier access to high-quality CBD products. The company’s vision is to “empower anyone to achieve balanced health and wellness throughout life’s journey.”

According to the company, a group of people in Colorado founded CBDistillery in 2016 as they saw the CBD marketplace become overpriced and “saturated with inferior products.” They set about creating a business that offers consumers fairly priced, high-quality CBD products.

CBDistillery Products

CBDistillery CBD GummiesCBDistillery offers a wide range of products that offer benefits in different ways. The company’s website allows customers the opportunity to shop by product or to shop by benefit. Those benefits include pain relief, relaxation, reduced inflammation and better sleep. They also offer CBD products specially formulated for pets.

CBDistillery makes its CBD products available in a variety of ways, giving customers the option of finding what works best for them. They include capsules, tinctures, gummies, topicals, and more. In addition to the original lineup of products, the company has launched The Synergy Collection which combines hemp cannabinoids with other functional ingredients.

One area CBDistillery has focused on of late is development of products that help people get a better night of sleep. The company recently conducted a survey to find out how well they are doing in this important area.

The Importance of Sleep

Most adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night to maintain proper cognitive and behavioral functions. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on health. For example, studies link age-related cognitive decline to lack of sleep. Others have found lack of sleep makes people more vulnerable to having attention lapses, mood shifts and delayed reactions.

Research has linked lack of sleep to higher risk for diseases and conditions that include obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and poor mental health, according to the Sleep Foundation.

It’s easy to see why people who use CBD often do so to help them sleep better.

A Study from CBDistillery

Seeking to determine how well their products impact users’ sleep patterns, CBDistillery and its partner, IT consultant MoreBetter Ltd (which created the Releaf app), launched a sleep study in 2021. The study focused on customers who used CBDistillery’s 600mg Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD Oil Tincture.

The ReLeaf app allows CBD users to track their progress and monitor incremental changes in different areas of their body, helping them determine which product types and serving sizes produce the best results to fit their needs.

By partnering with ReLeaf, CBDistillery wanted to “collect potentially groundbreaking, game-changing data about the impact of fine-tuning the cannabinoid ratios of hemp-derived CBD products,” according to a news release on the study.

Findings of the Study

Participants in the study did not use CBN for the first week, establishing a baseline during that time by answering questions about their sleep habits and quality. Researchers then asked the same questions after participants used CBN for 23 days.

Participants in the study said the following:

  • 72 percent said they somewhat to definitely agree that the 600mg CBN + CBD Sleep Tincture performed better than any other sleep aid they’ve tried.
  • 81 percent said they somewhat to definitely agree they achieved more quality sleep using Sleep Synergy
  • 78 percent said they were somewhat to definitely likely to continue using Sleep Synergy after the study ended
  • 82 percent said they were somewhat to definitely likely to recommend Sleep Synergy to others
  • 61 percent said they felt refreshed in the morning while using Sleep Synergy
  • Participants also reported finding it easier to stay asleep and sleeping 30 to 40 minutes longer

CBDistillery is an example of a CBD company that focuses not only on providing effective and safe products, but on educating consumers about what CBD can do. It’s a smart combination for a market that is increasingly drawing in new customers who value companies that help them make important health decisions.

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