CEOs Who Support Legal Marijuana

Much is made about celebrities who support marijuana legalization. Fame will do that for you. When you speak, people listen. Many have come forward to advocate for legal marijuana. Or bash the War on Drugs. The extensive list includes stars from sports, television, movies and music. Even Rick Steves is among their number.

The Business of Legal Marijuana

Business people also support the change in laws regarding marijuana. They arguably are more influential.

Of course, Hugh Hefner was one of them. And scientists such as the late Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson share the same views on supporting legal marijuana.

So consider this list yet another example of people at the top of their game wanting to see marijuana legalization happen, even at the federal level. It’s yet another example of how famous people from all walks of life support legal marijuana.

Richard Branson

Branson has written about how lives are wasted behind bars for an offense in the United States that would not be cause for jail time in other countries. Also, he claims the Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards first taught him how to roll a joint. Major cool points.

George Zimmer

Zimmer, the guy who founded the Men’s Warehouse, came out for pot legalization in 2015. He also said he’d been using marijuana for 50 years. Further, he said the illegal status of marijuana is “the biggest con that has been perpetuated in this country in the last half century.” He’s not one to pull punches.

David Koch

Surprise! Koch (and his brothers) serve as the face of the political right wing. But Koch also supports marijuana legalization. He ran as the Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate in 1980 on a platform that include drug legalizations. He’s also fine with gay marriage. Not positions you would expect from such a conservative stalwart.

Arianna Huffington

Huffington articulated her argument for ending the War on Drugs back  in 2014. In a long, scathing opinion piece, Huffington wrote, “The drug war is an all-out disaster that has inflicted an untold amount of unnecessary human suffering.”

She called it a “cause for celebration” that the drug war against marijuana had slowed. But, of course, this was before Donald Trump became president.

Steve Jobs

Yes, he’s gone, but Jobs was very open about his drug use. He famously said that taking LSD was one of the two or three most important things he ever did in his life. He also smoked weed, although he said he hadn’t done so since the late 1970s. He also enjoyed eating pot brownies. He almost certainly would have a few things to say about the latest federal threats to crack down on legal marijuana.

That’s a taste of those outside of the entertainment and sports industries who support legalizing marijuana. As the movement continues, expect them to become louder in their opposition to any federal interference with states that legalize cannabis.

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