How to Grow Weed in Grandma’s Old China Cabinet

To properly grow weed requires humidity, aeration, the right nutrients and light.  The marijuana plant is also, of course, the perfect candidate for hydroponics, which uses no soil and relies on mineral nutrients in water and does not require the traditional out of doors environment.

Ten or even just five years ago when asked to picture a marijuana grow you’d likely envision a greenhouse, garage or other dedicated structure environment laden with grow equipment.  Today you can instead envision Dad’s old filing cabinet.  Or the sideboard from Grandma’s old dining room.

Grow Weed: The Hydroponic Approach

Hydroponic grow systems have become so advanced that small grows can take place in nearly any old spot.  A dining room sideboard, a linen closed, or a media nook can be easily repurposed to grow pot.  Creative and discreet growing systems aren’t just for those who don’t live in proper growing climates anymore either.  Safety and security are often major concerns for those looking to grow weed discreetly, especially at home.

So, how do you grow weed in your grandma’s old china cabinet?  The answer – of course – is to invest in a small, sophisticated hydroponic grow system and have it professionally installed or install on your own.

At home growers can expect spend $300 on up on systems and accessories depending on features like ebb and flow or continuous flow or top feed systems.

On a budget or into the DIY-thing?  Here’s an awesome How To tutorial for making your own grow box for around $150 from the folks at Hail Mary Jane.

Happy growing!

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