New Ganja Giggle Garden in Los Angeles Sets New Standard for Cannabis Cafes

There’s a new spot in Los Angeles that already is setting a new standard for what people can expect from a cool cannabis cafe. The Ganja Giggle Garden lives up to its name, according to early reviews, offering customers a laid back, fun and very garden-like experience.

As with many things cannabis (and most trends in general), trends tend to flow from the West to the East. This latest cannabis cafe will no doubt have influence on the growing cannabis cafe movement. At some point, cannabis cafes will become normal across the country, not an exception.

New cafes might want to start by looking at what the new cannabis offers. According to a review from the Los Angeles Times, the Ganja Giggle Garden is housed in a lush, tropical West Hollywood courtyard and is “one of the most joyfully unique, absurdly captivating and mind-blowing places most of us mere mortals…could hope to find ourselves getting legally lit.”

Cannabis Cabins and Jungle Greenery

The Times review noted that Ganja Giggle Garden is one of only two cannabis cafes in Los Angeles. The first cannabis cafe in Los Angeles – credited as the first in the country – is The Original Cannabis Cafe. However, it opened just before the pandemic hit the United States and remains closed.

The Ganja Giggle Garden joined the Artist Tree Studio Dispensary Lounge as the only cannabis cafes in the city. The new cafe is accessible only through the Woods dispensary. The 5,000-square-foot space includes tons of greenery, Buddhas, parrots, “badger-sized koi” (according to the Times) and three cannabis cabanas.

According to the cafe’s Instagram page, actor Woody Harrelson already has visited. Harrelson is part of the partnership that owns the dispensary and cafe, along with comedian Bill Maher and former tennis player John McEnroe.

A Blueprint for a Cannabis Cafe

The Ganja Giggle Garden offers a great blueprint for cannabis cafes to consider as plans develop across the country. Not perhaps so much the jungle aspects – that’s a leftover from the former owners of the property, a design studio – but just the sheet unique nature of the place and what it offers. That includes state-of-the-art filtration systems, a tonic bar with edibles, and cannabis-infused beverages.

The cannabis cabanas are the feature that draws the most attention. With a reservation, people can have a cabana to themselves (they hold up to eight people). One is called the Zen Room with a living room-like interior, while another is called the Think Tank and is a perfect square (10x10x10) with all glass walls.

The Tree House cabana offers a view of the enter premises (jungle included) and is accessible via a spiral staircase. Cross-legged Buddhas are decorative elements, as are framed pieces of artwork and woven throw rugs. Hourly rentals start at $100. However, any $20 purchase at the Woods dispensary gives customers access to the common areas of the Ganja Giggle Garden.

The dispensary site offers some idea of the experience with a few photos.

It’s the sort of fun, unique experience that people had in mind when they envisioned going to a cannabis cafe. Cannabis consumers across the country can only hope for the same in their area in the new future.

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