Weed Brand from Jerry Garcia’s Family Available Across the Country

During his many years as leader of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia became one of the most famous marijuana advocates on the planet. His family decided a few years ago to carry that legacy forward with a brand of cannabis products.

Even though Garcia died in 1995, his name ranks among one of the most well-known on the list of celebrities with cannabis products, a list that now includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Jay Z and Martha Stewart. The Grateful Dead famously have legends of dedicated fans – Deadheads – who follow the band and attend their shows. They helped make Garcia one of most beloved figures in rock and roll history.

His family, aware of Garcia’s legacy, did not try to become the first to enter the business.

“It took a long time to get here. We didn’t rush into things,” Trixie Garcia said on the Garcia Hand Picked website. “People trust us to make the right decisions. We’ve hand-picked the best possible partners for the brand and my dad’s legacy.”

Products offered by Garcia Hand Picked

Garcia Hand Picked has developed the products to back up the name. The company offers beautifully designed tins that contain 3.5 grams of sativa, indica and a hybrid variety of flower. They also offer pre-rolls in sativa, indica and hybrid that come with a monogrammed glass mouthpiece.

Garcia Hand Picked also offers 5mg THC gummies, shaped like Garcia’s guitar picks, in blueberry, raspberry and blackberry flavors. They come in a tin of 20 gummies each.

Everything sold by the company is chosen by Garcia’s family. Three of Garcia’s daughters launched the company along with other family members.

The Family Searched Years for the Right Weed

The Garcia Hand Picked brand launched in 2020. It recently made the news again when it became available in Oregon,which is where many members of Garcia’s family live. According to the brand’s website, it’s also available in Maryland, Massachusetts and California. Jilian Locricchio, director of events for Garcia Hand Picked, told KGW-8 in Portland that the family continues to work hard to make sure the brand “represents Jerry and the community he created.”

She said many members of Garcia’s family live in Oregon, “”Many of them live here in Oregon still, and as children they were raised here in the Willamette Valley on their mom’s organic farm.”

The daughters spent years trying different types of cannabis, according to an interview given to Esquire. Trixie Garcia, who is president of the Jerry Garcia estate, said the daughter’s launching of the brand fulfilled Garcia’s dream. “This is exactly the kind of thing he would want to be behind. Cannabis as a connection to reality, the real reality and not the fake reality that we are all part of, just like his music.”

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