What Happens to Your Body When You Get High on Marijuana

Newbies to marijuana may be unsure what to expect. After all, movies and pop culture have depicted being high on marijuana in a number of ways, from subtle to extreme. For every depiction of a calm, relaxed marijuana user, there is another that shows a hallucinating basket case.

People who have tried marijuana might not realize that it can impact your body in different ways, even if you have used it before. Different strains may be stronger than others and the method in which you imbibe can also impact the way it feels.

Since marijuana can create different feelings for different people, it is important to be aware of the potential ways that being high can impact your body.

Changes in Your Appetite, Memory, Mood and Sleep

Ever wonder why some of the first stereotypes of marijuana users are often snacking on Doritos or napping on the couch? Well, there is some truth to that. It may not be as exaggerated as pop culture makes it out to be, but marijuana can impact your appetite, memory, mood and sleep.

So, how can marijuana impact all of those areas? THC is similar to anandamide, a chemical that our brains naturally produces. This chemical controls appetite, memory, mood and sleep, so the cannabinoids in marijuana keep those neurons busy. That THC in marijuana is largely what leads to the feeling of being high.

Euphoric Feeling

Another typical behavior that is often associated with marijuana use is a lot of laughter. That giggly feeling is due to the dopamine that gets released in the brain when marijuana is used. Dopamine triggers the pleasure center of the brain, which can create a feeling of euphoria.

This feeling may happen right away when marijuana is smoked. If marijuana is ingested, the feeling happens gradually, but often lasts considerably longer.

Varied Physical Changes

One of the reasons why it is so important to be careful with marijuana is because of the physical changes that it can cause in the body. Marijuana can increase your heart rate. Some users feel anxiety or panic after using marijuana.

Again, the method that you choose to partake in marijuana may impact how you feel the various side effects. Age is another factor, as teenagers may be more susceptible to having marijuana impact their brain development.

However, it is also important to note that since marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, there has not been as much testing on it as other drugs. As marijuana becomes more accepted, the testing will likely become more robust. So even for regular marijuana users, there is still a lot to potentially learn.

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