How Long Does THC and CBD Stay in the System?

One of the most controversial topics around cannabis legalization is the continued practice of drug testing done by many employers. It is famously difficult to determine the impact of THC or CBD on a person because they both stay in a person’s bloodstream or urine far longer than the effects are felt.

It’s a situation that has led many employers to question the use of cannabis drug tests on the job. However, federal government agencies continue to test for the presence of THC and CBD, as do many private employers.

CBD seems especially questionable since it does not cause a high. However, there are still stories from around the country about people losing their jobs because they test positive for CBD. in some cases, it’s because the product they use contains trace amounts of THC, the chemical ingredient in cannabis that causes the high.

The following looks at some of the science around how long THC and CBD remain in your system after use and the potential of becoming detected in a drug test.

How Long Does CBD Stay in the System

The length of time that CBD remains detectable in drug tests depends on several factors, including the individual’s metabolism, frequency of use and the type of drug test used.

Most standard drug tests do not screen for CBD. However, some drug tests may detect even trace amounts of THC in CBD products, which can cause false positives.

If a CBD product contains THC, the amount and duration of THC’s detectability in drug tests will depend on the concentration of THC in the product, as well as the person’s metabolism. Typically, drug tests can detect THC in blood tests for up to 36 hours after use, and in urine tests for up to 30 days or longer for chronic users

It’s important to note that many CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, even if the label states they are THC-free. This is because CBD products are derived from cannabis plants that contain some level of THC, and the extraction and manufacturing process can also contribute to small amounts of THC in the final product.

How Long Does THC Stay in the System?

The length of time that THC remains detectable in a drug test depends on metabolism and frequency of use, but there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind for detection of THC in blood, urine and hair tests.

  • A blood test can detect THC up to 36 hours after use. However, in chronic users, THC may remain detectable in the bloodstream for up to several days after use.
  • A urine test can detect THC for up to 30 days or longer for chronic users. Occasional users may test positive for up to a week after use.
  • A hair test can detect THC for up to 90 days or longer, depending on the length of the hair sample and the frequency of use.

Factors in all the tests include age, weight and overall health. Additionally, different drug tests may have different detection thresholds, which can impact the results.

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