King Palm Offers Natural, Handmade Leaf Rolls To Elevate Smoking Experience

In a competitive marijuana market, consumers stay on the lookout for products that offer them a better cannabis experience and a variety of product options. One company has drawn a huge following because of its unique approach to creating all natural rolls.

King Palm, which has its products in stores across the country and around the globe, offers the cannabis curious a new experience that makes rolling papers obsolete. King Palm produces natural leaf rolls, made from the leaves of the flowering Cordia tree. Customers can take these palm leaf rolls and simply pack them, using a tool provided with each pack, and then enjoy a slow-burning session.

It’s an original approach to a longstanding challenge: What is the most convenient and satisfying way to smoke cannabis?

On the company’s website, King Palm executives write that “our mission is to provide a natural, highly functional, and an overall high quality choice for consumers that they can consistently rely on.”

Advantages of King Palm Rolls

The King Palm company operates worldwide. Consumers can find the company’s wraps in stores such as 7-11. The wraps provide many advantages over rolling papers and even other pre-rolled brands.

  • The palm leaf rolls contain no tobacco, glue or additives.
  • Each palm leaf roll is handmade at the company’s family farms
  • Boveda humidity control packets keep each pack fresh
  • King Palm operates as a sustainable company – no trees are harmed to harvest the leaves.
  • Everything in the palm leave roll – the leaf, corn husk and paper band – are all biodegradable
  • The smoke from a King Palm does not stick to fabrics or furniture.

Each King Palm wrap comes with a corn husk filter. This all-natural filter also offers advantages. For example, they eliminate resinous oils that can stain lips, teeth and fingers. Users also can bite the tip, creating a smooth draw every time. And the corn husk reduces the heat of the smoke.

How Palm Leaf Rolls Work

King Palms makes the rolls easy to use. The company suggests that the “proper approach” involves first using a chunky grind with your cannabis before inserting it into the leaf roll.

The next step is to remove the paper insert and begin packing your cannabis inside the empty leaf tube. To ensure you pack the leaf tightly, each King Palm pack comes with a wooden tool used for compacting the flower firmly inside each roll.

That’s it. If packed properly, the King Palm roll will burn slowly. In terms of taste, the King Palm roll has an earthy flavor, allowing users to better taste the flower. Or, you can choose from a variety of terpene-infused flavors.

Products Offered By King Palm

King Palm offers rolls in a variety of packages. You can get a “Rollie Pack” in counts of five, 25, 180 and 1,080. You also can order a variety pack with rolls of different sizes or a “Mini Pack” in counts of five, 25 and 180.

The Minis also come in five-count packs with flavored filters: Watermelon Wave, Pine Drip, Mango Tango, Peach Tree, Magic Mint, Margarita, Banana Cream and Berry Terps.

Consumers can find King Palm products in dispensaries, smoke shops and convenience stores across the country. For example, at 7-11 you can purchase a 2 for $1.99 Mini pack. King Palm also offers deals on its various social media platforms.

King Palm offers another example of the creativity flourishing in the cannabis industry as it expands. For those who like to smoke their cannabis, the company offers a way to do that with a higher quality experience.

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