Marijuana Mansion in Los Angeles Sells For $44 Million

A famous mansion in Los Angeles – called the marijuana mansion – is about to lose some of its stoner charm. The new owner, who plunked down $44 million for the mansion in Brentwood, apparently plans to change its famous cannabis smoking lounge into a cigar room.

The designer, Ramtin Ray Nostrati, apparently has more of a fondness for cannabis than the new owner, Jeff Feinberg, the former director of Soros Fund Management. Still, Nostrati said the home will bring comfort to Feinberg.

“I built and designed this home with the idea in mind that you would be on vacation every day when living here. I wanted to bring the inspiration of resort living to life at a residential property where you never wanted to leave,” Nostrati told The New York Post.

The marijuana mansion is part of a trend in cannabis that includes a focus on luxury.

Amenities of the Marijuana Mansion

The 48,000-square-foot property is called The Brentwood Oasis. The 18,000-square-foot home features seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. It also offers a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains from its rooftop marijuana garden. The garden originally came with six cannabis plants tended by a harvester, but the owner asked to have the plants removed, according to the Post.

The house has three decks, an indoor/outdoor pool and half of a basketball court painted in Los Angeles Lakers’ purple and yellow. It also has a TV wall that can fit nine screens, a gym, a three-hole putting green, and a sports-simulator room. If cars are your thing, the home has a 10-car showroom with floor to ceiling glass walls.

But what made the mansion famous is the cannabis rooms built especially for enjoying weed. That includes having the harvester who cultivates, waters, fertilizes and harvests cannabis using organic hydroponics. The set-up also includes a smoking lounge.

But that’s all apparently up in smoke with Feinberg, who wants a more traditional cigar room. For weed aficionados, it might feel like an opportunity wasted.

There Are Five Marijuana Mansions in Los Angeles

Nostrati designed five marijuana mansions in Los Angeles. While the Brentwood Oasis is the most expensive the other four also feature the same attention to comfort, detail, luxury and marijuana.

For example, a marijuana mansion in Bel-Air also has a fully hydroponic system for growing marijuana plants, as well as a dedicated smoking area. It’s all part of an area of the home that includes a variety of seating arrangements, big screens for sports and a pool.

Nostrati said of the home’s design, “The legalization of cannabis allows me to add more amenities to our homes. Luxury buyers want options and extras that enhance their lifestyle and have a positive impact on the way they entertain and live,” according to Civilized.

The homes originally were marketed to current or ex-athletes who use cannabis as an anti-inflammatory or for pain management.

While no one has yet followed in the marijuana mansions’ footsteps, Civilized reports there have been open houses in California that feature cannabis-themed offerings, including CBD oil massages as well as cannabis-infused food and drink.

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