Public Opinion: America! Where You At?

Legalized Marijuana Results: America!  Where you at?

For those who have permanently relocated to states promising leniency and acceptance for pot users, those whose livelihood is tied to the growing cannabusiness trade, and those who are just plain fascinated by the marijuana movement, here’s a run down of national support for the legalization of weed.

Support of Legalized Marijuana Results

Gallup shows 51% of Americans support legalizing marijuana in general.  Middle states aren’t as keen on the idea with support coming from eastern or western  states.  The biggest divide is between liberals and conservatives.  Conservatives and Republicans seem to remain non supporters although support among moderates has grown steady.

General Social Survey, as reported earlier this year by The Washington Post, shows support up 9% since it’s last report in 2012.  GSS results showed 52% of respondents supporting the legalization of marijuana and 42% opposed, with 7% left undecided.

Meanwhile, Pew has reported 53% favor legalization while 42% are opposed.  Pew’s findings cite medicinal use as the main reason for support as well as the belief that marijuana just isn’t that bad.

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