Colorado Company Elevates Quality Standards For Hemp-Derived Products

As consumers become more sophisticated and the market grows and matures, companies are finding new ways to create products that stand out from the competition.

One way involves refining the purity of the products. While marijuana and hemp-derived products are available through many different sources, some companies have established a product line known for the high quality of the materials involved.

Some also have evolved their own technology for use in extracting cannabinoids from hemp to produce infused products. One company leading the way in this area is Pure for Life, a Colorado-based company that specializes in cremes, tinctures and lotions made through a refinement process the company controls from end-to-end.

It’s elevated them above the competition when it comes to refinement and quality of product. In addition to supplying these products directly to consumers, they also offer white label and private label service for dispensaries.


What Pure For Life Does

The company specializes in creating high-end products through the use of advanced technology. Specifically, they use low temperature and low-pressure technology the company has patented to get extractions from hemp of the highest quality possible.

They are the only company in the industry to use an extraction technology that was created specifically for the fragrance and flavor industry,

They use these extracts to create a variety of consumer products. They include cremes, lotions, tinctures and soft gel capsules. In addition to the patented technology, the company also offers the following advantages that enhances the appeal of the product for consumers who want a high standard for quality in their hemp products.

Locally Grown

All the products are derived from extracts taken from help that is grown in Colorado. Pure for Life either grows the hemp themselves or contracts with another high-quality growers. The hemp is GMO-free and pesticide-free.

100% Natural

The company uses natural ingredients to create everything used in their products. There are no artificial flavors or any other kind of additive.

Pure for Life Hemp Products

Contaminant Free

Every Pure for Life product is made in a facility certified by the Food and Drug Administration, No food coloring is used, and every product batch is guaranteed to be free of contaminants.

Pure for Life maintains quality by controlling the process from “seed to shelf.” That type of control has helped the company earn a reputation for supplying pure, high-quality products.

Pure for Life Products

For companies that want to sell Pure for Life Products, the company offers exclusive private label and white label service.

The white-label service allows dispensaries to buy Pure for Life products at a wholesale price, then distribute them under their own brand label. Private labeling service allows them to get exclusive deals on Pure for Life products.

What kind of products does the company produce? Details on each can be found on their extensive website. These are some of the products the company offers.

Topical Cremes

The hemp-derived topical cremes are made from a blend of oils and terpenes that mirror the original plant. It also has the fresh smell of roses.

Soft Gel Capsules

Each soft gel capsule contains 25mg of hemp extract. These amounts can be varied by special order. The gel caps are designed to promote wellness by giving users the recommended daily dose of hemp extract.


The tinctures are developed to provide the full potency and nutritional value of the hemp plant. Customers can choose to receive either the coconut or hemp seed carrier oil. The 1000 mg hemp tincture comes in a 30 ml bottle. The tincture is designed to provide fast relief.

Soothing Lotion

Much like the creme, this 1000 mg soothing lotion is designed to provide instant relief from discomfort and is created directly from unaltered, pure plant concentrate.

Lip Balm

Pure for Life creates this unique product to provide a “gentle and natural alternative” to typical lip balms. Created from coconut oil, beeswax and natural chocolate flavor, the product offers moisturization for the lips along with the health-enhancing properties of hemp extract.

These products also can be purchased in sample sizes as part of a 10-piece sample kit.

Pure for Life provides an excellent example of how companies are finding ways to provide even better products to consumers. It’s a company that should prove interesting to both customers and dispensaries interested in selling high-quality, hemp-derived products.

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