Tech Company Focuses on Providing More Effective Plant-Based Medicines

Medical cannabis customers can enjoy the many benefits of plant-based medicine, which includes better pain management, relief from inflammation and even reduced feelings of anxiety.

However, how they consume their prescription cannabis is always an issue. While some may have no issue rolling cannabis into joints, others prefer an easier, cleaner and more accurate way to measure their medicine.

That where the tech company RYAH comes in. A data analytics company that creates devices for the Internet of Things (IoT), RYAH is specializing in creating products to better serve the needs of medical cannabis patients.

RYAH is providing yet another excellent option for medical cannabis patients, while also working to improve the medical cannabis system as a whole.

About RYAH

RYAH works with big data platforms to create devices that give users better control over their use of medical cannabis. The New York City-based company has emerged as a leader in the field. They are currently working on their listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

Among the company’s many milestones was the recent granting of a U.S. patent that involves the RYAH big data platform using artificial intelligence (AI) to “better identify and understand correlations between plant strains and medical indications.”

The company also collects valuable data from patients, using its AI platform to aggregate and correlate medical data that is compliant with HIPAA. This data is intended to better personalize plant-based treatments for patients, leading to better patient outcomes.

The data collected by RYAH also helps growers and dispensaries to better manage the effects of cannabis strains on patients.

RYAH Data Offers Insights

RYAH produces data reports that offer insight into the cannabis industry for consumers, dispensaries, growers, investors, pharmaceutical companies and government regulators.

For example, a recent report looked at the treatment of chronic pain with cannabis. They found the most common pain issues treated with cannabis are:

  • Headaches
  • General pain
  • Arthritis  and inflammation
  • Fibromyalgia

They also found that more men than women treat pain with cannabis. RYAH reported that Indica dominant strains provide the most effective pain relief, followed by pure Indicas. The preferred THC potency is more than 15%.

These types of insights are rare from a medical cannabis company. But RYAH brings a tech company’s commitment to research and data into making its products and creating insightful reports.

An Advanced System For Medical Cannabis Patients

RYAH specializes in vaporizers for the medical cannabis market. One of the company’s most popular products in the Dose-Measuring Smart Inhaler. It addresses one of the major issues for those who use medical cannabis, which is getting the right dose consistently.

In addition to providing the means of getting a predictable dose every time, the Smart Inhaler also has other advantageous features. They include the following.

Diffused mouthpiece. This extended pathway diffuses vapor before it reaches your lips, which ensures that every inhale is pleasant and at a high temperature.

Even heat distribution. The cylindrical heating chamber evenly bakes the cartridge contents, which ensures a consistent experience.

Replaceable battery. You’ll never get stuck without power when you can instantly swap your battery.

Commercial-grade materials. RYAH uses only high-quality materials in all its products.

With its use of data analytics and AI, RYAH is taking a high-tech approach to creating exceptional cannabis products. They offer consumers a worthy alternative in a crowded cannabis products market.

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