What Is a Pre-Roll and Why Is It So Popular?

The term “pre-roll” is the most common way the cannabis industry refers to a pre-rolled cannabis joint. Long the most popular way to consume marijuana, the joint has made a comeback in the past year as people enjoyed buying a joint where professionals handle the work of rolling it.

Pre-rolls typically are sold by companies that also sell cannabis flower. The benefit for consumers is it lets you skip having to grind the flower, roll it and seal it in a rolling paper. Some people are good at this. Many, many others are not. A premade joint simply makes life easier for cannabis users.

The Past Year Saw An Explosion in Pre-Roll Sales

If you find yourself interested in trying a pre-roll, you are far from alone. The most recent sales figures show that the amount of pre-rolls sold in 2020 skyrocketed, rising by more than 47% from 2019 sales.

The figures include pre-roll sales from just California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, but the numbers are still staggering. Consumers spent $942 million on pre-rolls in those states in 2020, up from $640 million in 2019. The sales figures from 2020 are also more than double the sales from 2018.

Only flower outsold pre-rolls in 2020, according to the numbers. Marijuana Business Daily (MBD) reported them based on data from Seattle-based cannabis analytics firm Headset.

To put the number in context, sales in total for the marijuana market increased by 39.4%. Clearly, flower (which increased by 54%) and pre-rolls led the way.

Why Are Pre-Rolls So Popular?

The biggest advantage of pre-rolls is convenience. You don’t need all the paraphernalia needed to grind and roll a joint. You simply pay to have one that has already been rolled for you. It’s as easy as it gets. (It should be noted that some cannabis connoisseurs like all the ritual that goes with creating their own joints. They are not big fans of pre-rolls).

But pre-rolls have other advantages, as well. As pointed out by MBD, it’s an easy way for the cannabis curious to experiment with different strains of flower. You also can buy pre-roll “minis” designed for one person, something that’s been more popular than ever during the pandemic.

One complaint from veteran cannabis users is that pre-rolls contain a poor quality of weed. However, as noted by MBD and many others, that is not the case as more companies than ever are putting high quality flower into pre-rolls. They know how popular they have become and want to meet consumer demand.

For the cannabis curious who want an easy way to explore new cannabis strains, the pre-roll offers a great place to start. All you need is an idea of what type you want to buy, and a lighter. Cannabis companies take care of the rest.

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