What is Vet CBD? Is It Safe for My Pets?

Vet CBD produces safe, healthy edible products for pets that include natural chemicals found in marijuana. These pet products use non-psychoactive extracts from cannabis that can provide health benefits, including treatment of anxiety, pain, seizures, and inflammation.

Vet CBD Popularity

While still relatively new to the cannabis market, Vet CBD has quickly gained in popularity as more people come to understand how it is made and the benefits it can provide.

Medical Marijuana For Pets

Many pet owners have dogs or cats that are suffering from the same problems that afflict humans. The idea behind CBD products for pets is to give our four-legged friends the same benefits of medical marijuana that humans enjoy.

The first key is using CBD. The letters CBD stand for cannabidiols, chemicals in marijuana that do not product a “high” feeling. They have been associated with many health benefits. Athletics and work out buffs, for example, have supported using CBD to overcome aches and pains and reduce muscle inflammation.

There are many products that use CBD. They can be found in coffee, water, chocolate, oils, and lotions. And now, they are in edibles for pets.

Safe For Pets

Marijuana-derived pet products are olive oil-based. They contain no additives such as sugar. Essentially, it is the same grade of medical marijuana that is used for humans

Every Vet CBD product is also tested for safety, just as medical marijuana products are for humans.

In the case of the California-based Vet CBD company, it was founded by a veterinarian.

Where Can You Get It?

Marijuana remains an illegal drug at the federal level. And while more than half the states have approved the use of medical marijuana for humans, those laws do not extend specifically to pets.

Veterinarians cannot prescribe CBD for pets. However, owners in states where the product is legal can get it from authorized dispensaries.

Anecdotal evidence about how well it works is starting to pile up. “He started swimming again and he’s running in the park again,” one pet owner told CNBC about her pet’s reaction to CBD-infused medication.

In the same report, a pet owner said his dog Sunshine had suffered from seizures. Then he began using CBD. “She hasn’t had a single seizure since I began dosing her,” the owner said. He also said she is free of the “small, little psychological ticks” she would get that often were the precursors to a seizure.

Other owners have reported that Vet CBD even helped their pets deal with cancer, restoring their appetite and helping them maintain their energy.

While more research will likely be done on marijuana-infused edibles for pets, it’s clearly an option worth looking into for pet owners.

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