Super Tuesday: Where Do Remaining Presidential Hopefuls Stand on Marijuana?

Today presidential hopefuls from both sides of the aisle stand to pick up more delegates than any other single day in the primaries, making it – that’s right –  Super Tuesday.

Presidential Hopefuls

There are a bunch of primaries and caucuses going down today, including in states like Alaska and Colorado where marijuana is already recreationally legal for adult-use. Vermont, which has recently come out strong in support of legalizing adult-use marijuana, is also holding its presidential primaries today.

We’ve talked before about Feelin’ the Bern.  It’s not that we endorse any specific presidential hopefuls over another but it is no secret that Sanders is the most open and perhaps progressive candidate in the race when it comes to marijuana and his support of legalization nationwide.

So where does that leave the rest of the pack?  Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has graded 2016 presidential hopefuls according to their on the record positioning around marijuana legalization.  Here’s, according to MPP, how the rest of the pack stacks up:

Republican Candidates

  • Ben Carson – Marijuana Grade: D
  • Ted Cruz – Marijuana Grade: C
  • John Kasich – Marijuana Grade: C-
  • Marco Rubio – Marijuana Grade: D
  • Donald Trump – Marijuana Grade: C+

Democratic Candidates 

  • Hillary Clinton – Marijuana Grade: B
  • Bernie Sanders – Marijuana Grade: A


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