5 Tips to Improve Cannabis Storage

If you are about to store cannabis, you need to know the best practices for doing it right. It’s such an important step in enjoying cannabis that there are companies which focus on offering the best cannabis storage products and tips to succeed.

But before you learn what is best to do, you must first know your enemies. Because when it comes to storing cannabis, you have quite a few of them.

They are:

  • Light
  • Too much oxygen
  • Moisture that can lead to mold
  • High temperatures that dry out the cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis

Everything you are about to read is based on defeating these enemies of well-stored cannabis or at least putting off the day as long as possible to when they will defeat you. Here are five cannabis storage tips with those goals in mind.

A Dark Place

Most people think about storing cannabis down the basement – it’s a cliché for a reason. The basement is dark and it’s cool – the perfect environment for storing cannabis. No basement? Then consider storing weed deep in the back of a closet (as long as there is air conditioning) or the back of a cupboard where the sun never shines. Just take a moment to find the place in your home that is dark, cool and not humid, and that’s your best storage spot.

Glass Jar

Plastic can encourage sweating, and you don’t want that. A Mason jar or ceramic container with an air-tight seal is the way to go. This will keep the humidity out and keep your cannabis stash fresher, longer. Just make sure that whatever you use, the seal is as airtight as possible.

Keep Strains Separate

Don’t put all your cannabis together if the strains are different. There are aromatic compounds in marijuana (terpenes) that can affect the flavor of a different strain, especially if they rub against each other for an extended period of time (like in a Mason jar in your basement).

Also, Keep Flower Separate

If you are using an airtight box, don’t put other cannabis paraphernalia inside the box, like lighters or bongs. Over time, the odors from these items will get absorbed by the marijuana. The resulting smell and taste will not be to your liking. Keep the flower separate from everything else.

Use Smart Cannabis Storage Tech

Some companies have developed items you can put in with the cannabis that will absorb moisture and keep your stash drier, longer. This includes the Boveda packs from companies such as Cannador.

Keep these tips in mind when storing your cannabis. Know the enemies of fresh cannabis and the best ways to keep them away from your stash.

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