New Company Makes It Easy For Consumers To Bake Their Own Cannabis Edibles

Consumers have increasingly chosen edibles as their preferred method for enjoying marijuana. For some, it’s about bypassing smoke they find irritating. For others, they simply savor the idea of eating flavorful food that also provides a dose of cannabis.

A new Sonoma County-based company has taken this idea to a new level, offering the cannabis curious another interesting way to try marijuana. The company, SelfBaked, offers a Bake It Yourself Edible Kit, much like what you would buy for a brownie or cake mix. Except these baked goodies come infused with THC.

Making cannabis edibles can be a long, messy process. SelfBaked has made it fast, fun and easy.

“Everyone knows someone who made brownies that were either too strong or too weak,” said SelfBaked co-founder Alex Garakian. “Our product eliminates that issue. We’ve provided customers with a fun and easy way to create their own mouthwatering cannabis delectables.”

In an interview on the SelfBaked website, Garakian noted that baking your own brownies and cookies also eliminates the issue of buying premade edibles that may be older or dry. “Making it fresh – nothing really beats it,” he said.

How SelfBaked Started

Garakian first became interested in the idea of creating a self-baked edibles company after watching the mother of a lifelong friend deal with a terminal illness. Cannabis provided relief for pain, but she could not tolerate the smoke. Instead, she began to use cannabis edibles, baking many of them herself.

Inspired by what he saw, Garakian formed SelfBaked along with Kameron Pearson. Garakian lives in NorCal, while Pearson lives in SoCal, which brings the unique vibes of the two areas together. The two have been friends since childhood and their parents are still neighbors.

They initially wanted to give medical marijuana patients more control over how they use cannabis. They also wanted people to enjoy the creativity of baking.

While still serving medical marijuana users, the company has expanded into a recreational product for cannabis users and those who love baking. It’s also become a popular gift item.

SelfBaked already is making its way to dispensary shelves. The company offers a service on its homepage where it will notify you when SelfBaked is available in your area.

How SelfBaked Works

The process for using SelfBaked is as straightforward as buying premade brownie and cookie mixes. Consumers or dispensary owners can see what SelfBaked offers on its products page. Currently, there are three main products.

Classic Chocolate Brownie Mix. Ever since Alice B. Toklas included a recipe for “hashish brownies” in her famous 1954 cookbook – she wrote they would cause “euphoria and brilliant storms of laughter” – brownies have been a classic for those who enjoy cannabis edibles. The SelfBaked version uses THC-infused sugar in the premix. There are no wet ingredients, meaning you add eggs, butter or substitutes to your Bake It Yourself Kit. Each bag of Classic Chocolate Brownie mix comes with 100mg of THC, or 10mg per serving.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. Chocolate chip cookies are another perfect vehicle to enjoy cannabis. As with brownies, the Chocolate Chip Cookie mix includes THC-infused sugar, 100mg per bag and 10mg per serving.

Baking Tray. The 6 x 10 baking tray is laser etched with the SelfBaked logo and made with aluminum alloy. The tray is reusable. It also makes for a great rolling tray when you’re not using it for baking.

With both cookies and brownies, you simply pour the dry mix into a bowl and mix with egg, butter or the substitutes of your choice. The mix is then poured into the SelfBaked baking tray and baked in the oven. It’s that easy.

SelfBaked advertises its products as great for throwing a baking party, giving as a gift or to “just take-and-bake yourself something you’ve created.”

SelfBaked offers another step in the evolution of cannabis products, giving you more control over how you consume cannabis. It’s a convenient and easy way for the cannabis curious to experience what marijuana offers – all while enjoying a chocolate cookie or brownie.

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