How to Choose Your First Dispensary

There are many states where cannabis has been finally legalized, for instance, Washington, Illinois, California, and Colorado. Therefore, a common question of many people is how to get high-quality marijuana and get all the benefits from its consumption. The right answer to this question would be to plan a visit to the local dispensary. If you have never been there before, you should learn some essential information on how to choose your first dispensary. Keep reading the article to find out everything about buying marijuana at government-regulated dispensaries.

If you want to find a dispensary near your home, you should either google it or use specialized websites. Try to choose a place with a big cannabis selection and a budtender who can answer all your questions. While choosing a dispensary, pay attention if it offers marijuana for your specific purpose – medical or recreational. If you want to get ‘high’, you’ll need to find a place that sells marijuana with high THC levels. But in case you need cannabis free of psychoactive properties, find a dispensary where you can get medical marijuana with high CBD contents.

Don’t forget to look at reviews on the Internet while choosing the right dispensary for yourself. Select the place that is highly valued by its customers because of helpful and easy-going budtenders, a clean well-equipped environment, possible discounts, and specials. Moreover, if a big number of people can make you feel confused or embarrassed, visit a dispensary outside of busy times, like evenings or weekends. So this way your experience will be less chaotic.

One of the most important dispensary rules that you must remember is that you need to bring cash. Not all dispensaries have different options for payment, so if you don’t want to use an ATM that may have high fees, don’t forget to take cash with you. Some dispensaries even have price lists on their websites, so you will be able to know ahead what amount of money to bring with you. Because of the fact that cannabis isn’t legal on a federal level, most banks don’t like to deal with cannabis traders, so that’s why cash is the best option for your purchase. In case you forgot it, don’t worry because most dispensaries will find a way to help you out.

After you’ve read a beginner’s guide to weed and made a decision to visit your first dispensary, make sure to tell a person at the desk that you are new there and it is going to be your first experience. This way you will probably get a special treatment which means that they will assign a budtender to you who will explain everything about their offers and answer your questions. Besides, most dispensaries give a first-time buyer bonus which is a very nice gesture. So don’t worry about looking like a newbie, on the contrary, use this situation for your own good.

What to consider while choosing your first dispensary?

High Quality

Before buying cannabis, make sure that the dispensary offers marijuana of the best possible quality. In general, budtenders don’t have much information on what goes on behind the scenes, so they can’t provide you with guarantees. You can determine the quality of marijuana in the grow room. Ask a grower to demonstrate to you that plants are fed with high-quality nutrients and are stored in a room with great air quality. Also, check if cannabis plants are exposed to certain types of pest control. If the dispensary doesn’t grow its own cannabis but only sells it, you can check the quality of its goods in a lab. Just buy a sample there and discover its quality with the help of lab testing. Moreover, another source of information on weed quality is consumer reviews. You can get the idea of marijuana features by reading online reviews of a certain dispensary. Besides, don’t be afraid to ask the dispensary about its certifications and awards.

Knowledgeable staff

If you are not an experienced cannabis user, you probably have some questions about the goods on the dispensary shelf. The staff must be able to explain everything about weed for beginners and guide you through the selection process. The workers must be not only friendly but also knowledgeable about marijuana. They must be able to tell you about the effects of particular strains and help to choose the best products for first-time users. Besides, they should explain what gear you may need to consume a certain type of marijuana. In case, dispensary staff doesn’t look interested in your questions and gives vague answers, you would better keep looking for another place. Not to waste your time, you can even call ahead and ask them a few questions to find out if it’s worth visiting that dispensary.


You can find a list of products with their prices on the websites of most dispensaries. To choose your first dispensary, find out where you can get cannabis of top quality for your specific needs for a moderate price. Look for a dispensary with affordable products and great deals to make your first deal perfect.

Dispensaries make your experience of consuming cannabis more enjoyable, as you don’t need to buy marijuana from a dealer for an inflated price or look for opportunities to get weed in a back alley. They allow you not to buy unknown strains from suspicious strangers and to stay safe. You shouldn’t be afraid of visiting a dispensary for the first time as they provide you with a secure environment and high-quality services. On the contrary, your experience must be fun and entertaining. One of the best things to get at a dispensary is the community that will help you to become a part of the cannabis culture.

Written by Tia. M, Editor and Contributor at AskGrowers

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