The Truth About 6 Marijuana Myths

Despite legalization, years of research and millions of more people trying cannabis, marijuana myths have proven persistent.

Even the attorney general of the United States has insinuated that marijuana is a gateway drug to other, man-made drugs such as cocaine or heroin.  However, more than one study has shown that this is simply not the case.

Marijuana Myths

Just one presidential administration ago you had the attorney general saying marijuana is not a gateway drug. But that’s the thing with myths. Some people dismiss them. Others hang on.

So, consider the gateway issue one of many myths about marijuana. Here is the truth about five more.

Weed Makes You Stupid

The dumb stoner who doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on has been a cornerstone of marijuana mythology forever. It started in the movies but moved in the past 20 years into anti-drug public service announcements, political campaigns and the current anti-legalization movement.

However, two recent studies in Britain and the United States reached the same conclusion via different pathways: using marijuana doesn’t make you stupid or guarantee you’ll become an unsuccessful couch potato.

Weed Leads To Better Sex

If we had a dollar for everyone who says they use marijuana because it makes sex better, then, well, we’d have a few dollars. This is another frequently referenced issue in movies and books that include marijuana. But unlike the “weed makes you dumb” thing, this one turns out to most likely be true.

A 2016 study in Europe found that not only does cannabis improve the experience of sex, but it also might prove an effective treatment for those with sexual dysfunction issues.  That means scientist Carl Sagan – who wrote about how marijuana enhances sex – was right all along.

George Washington Smoked Weed

Probably not. Although he grew hemp at Mount Vernon that was used in the manufacture of rope and sails. Everyone was doing that back in Virginia in those days. So, the idea that Washington and the Founding Fathers passing around a pipe and dreamed up a new country, as appealing and even funny as that idea might be, is simply not the case. Just look at John Adams, for goodness sake.

Weed Is Stronger Today

This one is actually not true…and also true. Because of the legalization of marijuana, it is now available in many different forms with many various levels of potency. Think of it like craft beer – some have low alcohol per volume ratios, some have high ones. Not everything is a Bud Light.

That’s no different than marijuana, which is why a legal dispensary with a budtender who can guide you to the right choice is so important. There’s no reason to “accidentally” smoke, eat or vape too much marijuana if you buy it legally and ask for advice.

The Peace Pipe Was A Bong

This is one that people refer to when arguing that Native Americans were closer to nature and all it had to offer. That’s actually true, it just didn’t include marijuana, most likely. Native Americans smoked varieties of tobacco, including Nicotiana rustica that could cause hallucinations if taken in large enough amounts. They also smoked kinnikinnick, a mix of various plants.

Marijuana didn’t get introduced north of Mexico for recreational use until the early 20th century. That’s why Native Americans in North America most likely didn’t use it. They didn’t even have the chance. However, in an interesting twist, some tribes are moving into the legal marijuana business today.

So, there are a few marijuana myths addressed. Go forth and pass on the truth.

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