Pre-roll Company Brings Commitment to Sustainability and Diversity To Its Products

Pre-rolls have quickly become one of the most popular cannabis products, and for good reason. By purchasing a quality pre-roll, consumers skip the steps involving rolling their own joint, a bonus for those who never perfected that particular skill.

If they choose the right brand, they also enjoy a consistent cannabis experience in addition to convenience. It’s little wonder that many companies have started to develop a pre-roll brand.

However, not all companies provide unique products like those offered through Weekenders. The company specializes in providing pre-rolls made with cannabis grown outdoors on sustainable farms in California’s famed Emerald Triangle.

They have quickly become a company worth looking into for those who want to discover the best the pre-roll market has to offer.

Why Use Pre-rolls?

Weekenders Pre-RollsPre-rolls have become a sought-after cannabis product partly because the joint remains one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis. It’s economical, easy to use and carry, and convenient to almost any situation.

The proof of pre-roll popularity is in the sales figures. Pre-rolls sales increased 47 percent in 2020, with consumers spending $942 million on pre-rolls in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington alone. Sales have more than doubles since 2018, when pre-rolls first began to enter the market in a big way.

While convenience provides one of the biggest attractions for pre-rolls, they also offer companies the chance to create specialized products using high-quality cannabis. Seizing upon that idea, Weekenders offers pre-rolls made with some of the most highly regarded cannabis in the industry.

Focusing on What Consumers Want From Cannabis

Weekenders Pre-Roll ProductsSince its founding, Weekenders has focused on creating products that hit the sweet spot for cannabis users. That means products that create a balanced high that promote three outcomes most consumers seek: relaxation, stress relief and anxiety reduction.

“We created the brand because we didn’t see what we were looking for in the marketplace: a product that is about helping to make everything you do better, from taking a bike ride  to chopping vegetables to listening to music,” said Kahlil Lozoraitis, CEO of Weekenders, in the book, “Branding Bud: The Commercialization of Cannabis” by David Paleschuck.

He added that Weekenders “is about getting a nice elevation and not about being intoxicated or having ‘couch lock’ or being paranoid. We blend THC & CBD to create an enjoyable and approachable experience.”

Using Only Sungrown, Sustainable Cannabis

Another way Weekenders stands out from the pre-roll crowd is the company’s commitment to using cannabis grown at Redwood Valley Farms of Humboldt County in California.

Redwood Valley specializes in creating small batch artisanal flowers. They also practice sustainable farming and never use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. The company focuses on caring for the soil, knowing that healthy soil leads to the best cannabis plants.

In addition to using sustainable products, Weekenders also has a strong commitment to diversity in the workforce. “Nature values diversity,” the company says on its website, “and so do we.”

What Weekenders Offers Cannabis Consumers

With its exclusive use of outdoor-grown, small-batch cannabis, Weekenders offers cannabis consumers a quality pre-roll experience. The company breaks down its offerings into three main categories for pre-rolls. They are available as singles or in packs of seven.

  • Weekenders Play. Blends lots of THC with some CBD to create an easy smoke that energizes and heals.
  • Weekenders Chill. Blends more CBD with less THC to provide a smooth, calming experience.
  • Weekenders Drift. The high THC plus CBD is a potent version of Wedding Cake, a strain known for pain relief and perceptiveness. Weekenders calls the result “a joint with sweet, earthy flavors and a euphoric high that’s rooted in calm.”

They also offer two new products, the Weekenders Blueberry Muffin and the Weekenders Peanut Butter Breath, both higher potency pre-rolls.

Weekenders offers products that enhance a person’s experience rather than intoxicate them. The company’s commitment to creating high-quality pre-rolls from sustainable farms on the North Coast of California gives cannabis curious a great option for their pre-roll experience.

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