Valhalla Confections Focuses on High Quality Cannabis Edibles

With new cannabis products constantly hitting store shelves, it’s easy to overlook a classic staple of the edible marijuana market: gummies. And no company is doing gummies better than Valhalla Confections.

They’re easy to spot. Valhalla Confections, named after the fabled eternal home of warriors in Nordic mythology, has packaging that showcases Viking and Nordic symbols and ruins. They mark packages that hold handcrafted gummies fashioned by Valhalla Confections staff in California, Nevada, and New Mexico.

A key to the company’s success is consistency. Started in 2014, Valhalla Confections has “rapidly gained popularity as one of the most consistently dosed, best tasting, and fast acting gummies on the market,” according to the Valhalla Confections website.

“With three flavor varieties, our great tasting, long lasting gummies are dosed precisely to have the same effect every time.”

The Popularity of Gummies

Gummies rank among the first edibles produced for consumers. Years later, they still rank among the most popular, according to research studies of the cannabis market.

In addition to gummies, the edible market includes cookies, candy, chocolate, and confections of all kinds. The edibles market in the United States and Canada is expected to reach $4.1 billion by 2022, according to projections by research group ArcView.

Another research company that focuses on the cannabis industry, BDS Analytics, wrote that gummies remain the preferred choice of many consumers. They report that gummies are 17 of the top 20 selling cannabis edibles in California.

They wrote: “Cannabis ingestibles cover a lot of ground, including everything from pills to slices of pie to bottles of THC-infused cold-brewed coffee. But one style of ingestible dominates the market: the gummy.”

What Valhalla Confections Offers

Valhalla Confections has a simple mission statement: “To use high quality ingredients to help our patients live happy, healthy, and balanced lives.”

They focus their efforts on a handful of high quality products. Interested wholesalers are provided a form on their website to get more information about what the California company makes.

Valhalla Confections offers a popular product – gummies – handmade in small batches with organic ingredients. The focus is on providing great taste, a measured dose of THC, and a price that makes the experience affordable.

Valhalla Confections offers 10 gummies per container. All Valhalla Confections gummies come in rectangles that are easy to microdose with by simply breaking off a small piece. They are also gluten free. The company offers three options:

  • Sativa Tangerine – Contains 10 mg of THC so you are “ready to take on your day”
  • Tropical Twist CBD – Contains 10 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC to “relax, inspire, and create”
  • Indica Sour Watermelon – Contains 10 mg of THC to help you “unwind and relax after a long day”

A hybrid version is also available that comes in all three flavors.

Valhalla Confections also offers premium chocolate bars in dark and milk chocolate that come in 50 mg and 100 mg doses of THC.

Valhalla Confections is one of those rare companies that knows what it wants to do, does it well, and sticks to producing a select line of high-quality products. For the ‘cannabis curious’ who want to try top of the line gummies and chocolates, they are a company worth considering.

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