Some of Most Popular Cannabis Cookie Recipes

One of the great aspects of cannabis is that there is not just one way to consume it. For those who prefer not to smoke cannabis, edibles have emerged as one of the most popular ways to go, especially for those using cannabis for the first time.

While the variety of cannabis edibles continues to multiply, a tried-and-true classic still remains popular: cannabis cookies. From the famous brownies recipe included in Alice B. Toklas’ autobiography to more modern culinary delights, the cannabis cookie remains a popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

You can find pre-made cannabis cookies – and many other types of edibles – on the online cannabis marketplace. If you want to make your own, conventional wisdom holds that it’s best to use one of the more popular cookies rather than something more avant-garde (at least the first time).

Common Types of Cannabis Cookies

Some of the most popular choices for cannabis cookies are also some of the most common cookies in their own right. Most involve using cannabis-infused butter or oil. Follow the links to recipes for some of these cannabis cookies.

  • Chocolate chip. These take the top spot because 1) they are easy to make and 2) chocolate!
  • Sugar. It doesn’t get more basic than sugar cookies, which makes this a simple, tasty treat to make. You also can top them with frosted marijuana leaf decorations that are fun and also clearly indicate “these cookies contain cannabis.”
  • Peanut butter: If you love peanut butter, then using cannabis-infused peanut butter to make cookies is a smart (and delectable) move.
  • Oatmeal. The more health-conscious cookie eater may prefer the taste of an oatmeal cookie made with cannabis-infused oil.
  • Snickerdoodle: This cinnamon-sugar flavored cookie is so good, you are probably making them anyway if you are making cookies. Easy enough to add some cannabis.

Why Edibles Rather Than Smoking Cannabis?

Old-school cannabis users may wonder why people want to eat a cannabis cookie or other edible when they can simply smoke it like everyone has done for ages. But edibles have become increasingly popular for the very reason that they do not involve smoking.

For some, smoking cannabis can irritate their throat and lungs, making the experience somewhat unpleasant. Others like the discretion of using an edible, making it possible to enjoy cannabis without drawing attention to themselves because of smoke or the smell of burning marijuana.

Taking in cannabis through the digestive system tends to take longer to have an effect, but once it does, it lasts longer than taking it in through the lungs. This is one of the major benefits for those who want a sustained experience that can last several hours.

That last part also comes with a warning. Those new to edibles should err on the side of caution and eat a bit less and then wait for the effect. Some people make the mistake of thinking nothing is happening and they eat more. That’s not a good plan to follow, especially if you’re new to cannabis cookies or other edibles. Also, don’t let your dog near them.

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