5 Ideas For A Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving

With edibles ranking among the most popular ways to consume cannabis, it makes sense that you might want to work weed into the holiday most associated with food: Thanksgiving. With the number of cannabis-infused Thanksgiving options available, even a novice can make the holiday just a bit greener.

Thanks to the vast and growing number of edible products available, you’ve got plenty of choices for how to work cannabis into the big meal. The following list of 5 cannabis-infused Thanksgiving recipe ideas provides a good place to start.

Getting Cannabis Into Thanksgiving

This list focuses on simple, time-tested ideas. You’re not Martha Stewart (although with her interest in cannabis, it’s fun to think what might be on her Thanksgiving menu). But if you have even just decent cooking skills, you can handle what these ideas require.

These are ideas, not recipes, but there are links below to some complete recipes. Remember that if you and your guests are new to edibles, it’s wise to start with small doses of cannabis. It’s better to have too little than to have too much.

Replace Butter with Cannabutter

You can make your own cannabutter or purchase it ready made. It provides one of the easiest ways to create cannabis-infused dishes. Use cannabutter in any recipe that calls for butter. However, depending on your Thanksgiving crowd, it’s probably best to use it in just one or two dishes (and let everyone know which ones, of course). One good option is making a side dish using cannabutter – mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese both work well.

Cannabis-Infused Gravy

Using dehydrated flower, you can put cannabis flower in the skillet with crumbled sausage, spices and herbs for the gravy. This requires heating the cannabis in the oven first. You can find instructions on that in this gravy recipe.

Cannabis Beverages

If cooking cannabis seems too complex, consider buying cannabis beverages that are ready to serve to your Thanksgiving guests. Choices include CBD water or cannabis-infused beer and sparklingly tonic. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can make your own special punch to serve. To get an idea of what that involves, this recipe is for a cranberry CBD punch.

Cannabis-Infused Salad Dressing

There are dozens of recipes for infusing salad dressing with cannabis because it’s relatively easy. Most call for adding THC oil or CBD oil into the recipe when making the dressings. It works on every type of salad dressing, from strawberry vinaigrette to a simple Italian dressing.

Cannabis-Infused Sweets

The easier, and most likely the most popular, way to get cannabis into Thanksgiving is through offering sweets. Cannabis-infused chocolates, cookies and gummies give you a way to offer guests cannabis that makes it separate from the rest of the meal. This is especially a smart move if you have a Thanksgiving crowd that is not used to cannabis edibles. There also are plenty of choices in cannabis edibles and CBD products.

These ideas for a cannabis-infused Thanksgiving offer simple, fun ways to get cannabis into your holiday meal. When it’s this easy, why not give it a try?

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