Nothing Says ‘I Love You” Quite Like Cannabis

There’s a new way to let that special someone know what they mean to you – and acknowledge what marijuana means to them.

In Los Angeles, a company called Lowell Herb now offers a marijuana bouquet. This unique item can replace the more traditional floral arrangement as a gift. But only for the right person, of course.  A person who understands the value of a bouquet that keeps giving long after flowers have wilted in the vase.

Love for Cannabis

The company claims to be named after a man arrested for growing marijuana in Central California in the early 1900s. This company now offers one ounce of cannabis in a bouquet that goes for around $400. Like many marijuana companies, they appeal to the organic crowd, as well. The company, according to its website, always uses organic fertilizer, never uses synthetic pesticides and adds, “We pay our farmers a proper living wage.”

Lowell Herb produced 500 of the bouquets for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Of course, while recreational marijuana is legal in California, you can’t buy it yet. That means you must have a medical marijuana card to make the purchase. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t catching on.

Wild Flowers and Weed

This past Valentine’s Day, marijuana dispensaries across Los Angeles started competing with floral shops in the gift-giving area. This catered to those preferring cannabis over what many feel are overrated flowers.

The dispensaries include ShowGrow, which offered a bouquet created by Lowell Herb that is made up of $400 worth of marijuana, plus wild flowers, lavender and eucalyptus.

KTVU in San Francisco reported that others are likely to follow as the popularity grows.

“You can’t smoke roses,” one customer told KTVU. He had just purchased a marijuana bouquet for his girlfriend. “I just thought it was a cool way that you could give flowers but instead of them dying and throwing them away in a week you can get some practical use out of them. You come home from a long day of work and you have a headache, flowers aren’t going to help you any.”

Marijuana Weddings

The marijuana bouquet also has made its way into weddings.

Buds & Blossoms, located in Denver, specializes in providing floral arrangements that you don’t want to toss out when the ceremony is over. Owner Bec Coop recently decided to focus part of her business on providing services for cannabis-themed weddings after realizing that even in Colorado, which in many ways leads the country in the marijuana business, this area was under served.

“Yes, you can enjoy cannabis on your wedding day,” her site proclaims. “We are dedicated to giving couples the beautiful wedding day they have always dreamed of and incorporating cannabis in classy and tasteful ways.”

Buds & Blossoms offers party planning, floral arrangements and a “bud bar” for your wedding day.

All of this is part of a wide and growing variety of marijuana-related gifts. While cannabis continues to spread into ancillary businesses such as real estate, security, transportation and legal services, perhaps no area has exploded like marijuana products, many of which are perfect for gift-giving.

They include edibles in just about every imaginable form. From chocolate and suckers to special sugar and bottled water. There are even edibles for your pets. Other items include cannabis-derived oils.

As marijuana legalization spreads across the country, expect more and more specialized products to emerge for cannabis fans.

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